Help Configuring Screens.

Help Configuring Screens.

Post by Hal J. Nordli » Mon, 06 May 1996 04:00:00

I have an odd monitor. I got the computer second hand and have no
documentation for the monitor. It's an AOC 5Clr 15" monitor. I cannot
find AOC anywhere. I am trying to fill in my Xf86Config file for this
monitor what should I do?


1. HELP: Configure XFree86 with Laptop screen and External Display

Hi, I have a rather esoteric configuration I need help configuring.

I have a laptop that is configured with the NeoMagic driver for the
laptop display.  That works fine with startx.  The problem is when I
get home and dock the laptop.  My Dock has two PCI slots and in one is
a Matrox Millenium video card and connected to it is a ViewSonic 17GS.
When I use startx it still configured for the NeoMagic laptop display
and this of course does not work.

I have looked through xinitrc and Xclients trying to find a way to
allow me the option of starting into one configuration or another.  If
you have worked with multiple display devices and XFree86 I would
greatly appreciate any guidance.

Will DeKroney
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