what version of X am I running?

what version of X am I running?

Post by David Jenkinso » Sat, 06 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have a newbie question.  How do I know what version of Xfree86 I'm
Just a couple more quick questions.  My backspace doesn't work in
netscape, but it does in an xterm.  Do I use the "stty erase"
designation somewhere that only netscape knows about or what?

Does anyone know of a command that will flush unused libraries from
memory?  When I start X, I have 12mb free (I have a 24mb system).  After
running a few apps then closing them, I can never get my free memory
back down again.  I thought it was "flushlib" or something but I've
tried every variation I can think of.


Please e-mail me replys.  I can never find my original post in the


1. what version of dga am I running?

I have version 4.0.2 of xfree86 running on my Debian/sid distribution.  I
am using the glint Xserver on a "Elsa Gloria Synergy" video card from
3dLabs.  It works fine.  However, I have an application (VMWare Workstation
2.0) that requires DGA2.0 to fully-enable all of it's features.

I can see that DGA is loaded when the extlod module is loaded at X startup.
 How can I verify what  version of DGA it supports ?

James D. Freels, P.E._i, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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