Saving window positions

Saving window positions

Post by Anand Thak » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Is there any way to save window positions in fvwm?  Because I usually run
640x480 (my monitor is a little flaky and messes up the screen position
in 800x600 so I have to manually recenter the screen), most applications
I start up are HUGE compared to my screen.  I have to manually resize
them to get them to fit in one screen (rather than having to scroll down
two  or three screens).  The problem is, the window positions aren't
saved so I have to do this all the time...

1. Saving window positions and sizes

Hi Friends,

Using Xwindows apps, (netscape in particular), I can't figure out how to
save the location and size of the various windows. I can start the
application, and typically, it will be more than the screen size of my
monitor (800x600). I must then resize the window before I can start to
do anything. The next time I start the app, I must do the same thing.
How do I make these screen positions static within Xwindows?



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