graphical browsers supported in VGA mode

1. Prevent graphical KDE-login (or start in VGA mode)

How can I prevent a machine that uses the graphical KDE-login from starting
the X-Server, or force it to start only in standard-VGA-mode?

My problem is this: I have a Linux machine (SuSE 6.2) configured to use the
X-Windows login from KDE-desktop. The X-Server did run at 120 Hz refresh
rate. But now the monitor is defect, and the only available replacement
monitor right now can only handle a max. refresh of 70 Hz. Now after I
switch on this Linux machine, it boots normally until the point where it
starts the X-server to show the login screen. At this point, I see only
heavy flickering on the screen (because the refresh rate is much higher than
the replacement monitor can handle). The effect: I cannot log on to that
machine and change the X-server-configuration to use a lower refresh rate.

What I need is one of this:

- A way to force the X-windows to standard-VGA-mode, so I could log on and
change the settings for the refresh rate (in effect something like booting
in SafeMode on Windows 9x)


- Prevent the X-windows login and show a text-mode login instead


- Change the refresh rate of the running X-server without loggin in to the

Is there any way? I need to access that machine!

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