Some issues with Window Maker 0.51.0

Some issues with Window Maker 0.51.0

Post by Andy Pipe » Mon, 01 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone suggest why Netscape's icons appear in black and white
since I upgraded to Window Maker 0.51.0? They were fine in
0.50.2... and everything else seems to be in colour here!

Also, the menu editor in WPrefs seems to be a bit broken, since
the name of the top level submenu changes itself to the name of
the new one whenever I add a new one.



Fareham, Hampshire


1. Suse 6.0 & Window Maker 0.51.0 ?

Hi there.

I cannot succeed compiling window maker 0.51.0 on a new installed suse

The error message go this way:

checking for PLGetString in -lPropList... no
ERROR!!! libPropList is not installed, or could not be found.
         Window Maker requires libPropList to build.
         Please read INSTALL to find where you can find libPropList,
         and install it first.

The funny thing is that LibPropList IS installed. Here is an output of
rpm -ql libPropList:


I also try with intalling the libPropList devel rpm, but it didnt change
the error message.

I cannot find any option in the configuration file to tell the script
where to look at this library neither do i know where does it looks for
them by default.

Have i to learn to live without window maker or any of you had a genius
idea to help me fix this problem ?

That would be nice :)

Have a nice day.

Pierre Amadio

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