XFree86 total system crash with SVGA Server w/ TNT

XFree86 total system crash with SVGA Server w/ TNT

Post by Dan William » Mon, 10 May 1999 04:00:00

After upgrading to the latest version of XFree (rpm version) I consistently
get a very strange crash when trying to run a virtual desktop at 32 bpp.  If
I do not specify a virtual desktop it loads fine.  When I run startx it
parses the config file and the screen goes blank (as usual), but instead of
the server coming up the monitor stops receiving data (i.e. as if the cable
had been disconnected from the back of the computer) and the computer no
longer takes input from the keyboard.  This is an unrecoverable state that
requires resetting the system.  I have been able to reproduce this situation
on two different systems with different TNT cards.  This error did not occur


Dan Williams


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Using XF86Setup to generate XF86Config runs OK till it comes time to test
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the README's, Release Notes, FAQ's. I'm not doing anything fancy - generic
101 keyboard, Logitech Marble FX trackball using PS/2 driver, any
resolution/color depth gratefully accepted. The Mach64 server is supposed to
work with this video card!!!
The only time anything affects the hash is if I set the options
"no_program_clocks", "no_bios_clocks", and "override_bios", then provide a
Modeline for standard 640x480 and a Clocks line. I get a stable and crisp
display now. However, what appears is 1/3 of the normal display repeated 3
times. Three vertical strips all containing the identical portion of the
display. But it's rock steady and as clear as a bell. If anyone out there
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Thanks in advance,

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