X-problem in Red Hat 5.1: blank screen...

X-problem in Red Hat 5.1: blank screen...

Post by s?ren molande » Sat, 08 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Dear news group,

I'm a total newcomer to Linux, and I've just installed Red Hat 5.1 on a
separate partition on my PC (~ 1 Gb). The installation seems to have worked
ok as far as I can see. After having started the X-manager (installed with
XFree86), everything looks allright, and I can start any application I want.
Then usually after 10-15 minutes the screen usually either (1) goes blank or
(2) produces vertical stripes, and neither mouse nor keyboard works. This
happens either when using commands in the Xterm window, or any other
arbitrary application, such as Emacs or Xman. The problem occurrs regardless
of choice of window manager.

I use the following hardware config.

graphics card: Cirrus logic 5434 PCI, 2 Mb.
screen: Eizo 562-T
memory: 64 mb Sdram

I use the following mount points:

/swap 100 Mb
/boot 31 Mb
/usr 750 Mb
/ (root) 51 Mb
/var 76 Mb

Also, I'm using dual boot with windows95 on a Fat32 partition (works fine).

It really would be a shame if I would have to throw out Linux for what might
a stupid glitch. I would greatly appreciate any hints on the cause of the


S?ren Molander
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Hello everybody - what a beautiful day it is! Let's not get to funked
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Then grab yourself a slice and sit down and enjoy yourself. It can be
done in lot's of different ways -- just go ahead and do it under the
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Well... Nevermind.

I'm planning to buy Red Hat 5.1 official to replace my Red Hat 5.0 with.
But before I do that I wonder if there are any disadvantages, hazards or
such with RH 5.1, compared to RH 5.0. Is the installation as safe (don't
forget LILO), and things such as X, sound-support, printers and ppp -
are they still well supported, and not buggy or so?

Thanks in advance,


By the way, don't let the opening of this letter make you think that I'm
not serious enough.

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