IntelliMouse support in XF86 3.3.1 vs. 3.3.2

IntelliMouse support in XF86 3.3.1 vs. 3.3.2

Post by Martin Proul » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00


I'm currently using RedHat 5.0 with XF86 3.3.1, with a new serial

The XF86 documentation says that it supports the IntelliMouse, but I
believe this is only partially true.  My IntelliMouse doens't work at
all in IntelliMouse mode.

After searching around, I've found that using the gpm 1.13 with mouse
type 'pnp' and in repeater mode, I'm now able to reliably use my mouse
under X (being limited to only two buttons).

My first question is, is XF86 3.3.2 now able to correctly use the latest
plug and play versions of this mouse?

And here's my second question.  Does anyone know what's the problem with
the new intellimouse protocol?  It must be somewhere along the lines of
initialization.  With gpm 1.13, 'pnp' works fine, but 'ms3' (which I
believe is the intellimouse protocol) doesn't.

And worst than this, I have been able to use my intellimouse in
intellimouse mode under XF86 3.3.1, but for it to work, I have to throw
the following spell:

echo "hello" > /dev/mouse
cat /dev/mouse

<play with mouse when X is starting>

Strangely, this has worked a few times, but I'll loose my mouse whenever
switching back to consoles (where gpm is running).

Thanks for any help!



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I just set up a new Dell system with Red Hat 4.1, XF86 3.2, and
Metro X 3.1.2.  The mouse is a Microsoft "Intellimouse" PS/2
compatible.  It works in the "2 button-emulates-3" mode, with some
weirdness:  If I click a button, I must either move the mouse or
release before the click action is detected.  I must hold down both
buttons to get the "middle" function, and the small middle button on
the mouse is ignored.

Does anyone know how to (1) use the middle button, and (2) respond
immediately to a click event?

If not, I'll punt the intellimouse, and go for a simple serial mouse.


David Fenyes                               University of Texas Medical School

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