X on Fujitsu Monte Carlo? (tgui9660,800x600 active-matrix)

X on Fujitsu Monte Carlo? (tgui9660,800x600 active-matrix)

Post by Phillip Ni » Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:00:00

  [I have previously posted this to comp.windows.x.i386unix, but I hope
   that the audience here may have some insights. -Phil]

  I have been trying to install XFree86 3.2 on my Fujitsu Monte Carlo
notebook without success.  The machine behaves properly under windows
95, so it certainly looks like a configuration problem.
  The chipset is a tgui9660 and the display is an 800x600 active
matrix.  I've talked to the Fujitsu tech-support people and searched
the net and all the X docs I can lay my hands on, but have been unable to
find any information about the proper timings for this display.
  A trident diagnostic program I picked up from their website tells me
it's running at 60.8hz with a dot clock of 28.22Mhz, but it seems that
must be in error since that doesn't even be produce enough ticks to
produce all the visable dots, let alone the "wrap around" ones.
  ( 800x600x60.8 would give us 28.8Mhz for pixels alone.  Is this
close enough to just be round off? Is there really no time needed for
syncing? Am I missing something fundamental? )
  Regardless of what modeline I use, all that happens is that the screen
fades to white, then when I kill the server, I'm left with a garbled
console immune to "reset" or "stty sane" and I have to reboot blind.
  If anyone has had any success with this model or any of its siblings or
has any insights to offer, I'd be most grateful.


Phillip Nico
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis


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Hi, recently I am in the market for a new portable computer, and
Fujitsu Monte Carlo looks really attractive to me. However, Linux and
X window is a must for me. Could someone let me know if any successful
stories. Please also reply by email if you decide to post response on
the news since I do not read it often. Thanks a lot.

Tong Gao
Silicon Graphics Inc.

Phone: 415-933-2417
Fax: 415-390-6174

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