Having trouble with Tseng ET4000_W32i and W32 Server for X

Having trouble with Tseng ET4000_W32i and W32 Server for X

Post by Zur » Sun, 08 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Lately I've upgraded my video card to a Tseng ET4000_W32i, with AT&T
RAMDAC chip.
While running Xwindow with both W32 server and plain SVGA server, I've
got the same result - everything seems to work fine except for gray dots
that appears all over the (virtual) screen.
The dots pattern remains steady (moving the mouse for e.g. doesn't add new
dots, but leaves a trail) but it's too annoying to be ignored.
The X servers comes from Slackware distribution packs.

Anyone with a good advise ?

Thank in advance,


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