Horizontal screen lines with RH 5.0, ATI Mach64 CT, & Metro-X

Horizontal screen lines with RH 5.0, ATI Mach64 CT, & Metro-X

Post by Karl Iori » Mon, 20 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I've had the same problem with the Xfree Mach64 server, an ATI RageII+dvd
card and a Viewsonic G771 monitor.  I don't know of a fix except submit a
bug report to www.xfree86.org.  However, I submitted a report on another
problem and have seen no response.  Good luck.

BTW, is there any place that tracks progress on bug reports for Xfree?

> A little while back, I upgraded from Redhat 4.1 to 5.0.
> As part of the upgrade, I switched from using XFree86 to Metro-X as my X
> server.  Since that time, I've seen a persistent series of between two and
> six light horizontal (and somewhat diagonal) lines across the top 1/3 of my
> screen. On a busy background, it's not all that noticeable, but on a solid
> backgroud (like an xterm), it's really annoying.  And, I fear it may be
> harming my monitor.  The lines do not move, but vary in brightness.  They
> don't show up at all when the screen is blanked.
> Has anybody else seen this, or know of a fix?  Is it possible/simple
> to switch between Metro-X and XFree86 with a re-installation?
> My hardware setup and settings are as follows:
> ATI Mach64 CT with 2 Mb memory
> Viewsonic V775 17" monitor


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Horizontal screen lines with RH 5.0, ATI Mach64 CT, & Metro-X

Post by Jo Uthu » Tue, 21 Jul 1998 04:00:00

| > BTW, is there any place that tracks progress on bug reports for Xfree?
| I don't know.  I wanted to submit a bug/support request to the people at
| Metorlink, but apparently they only accept requests from people who've bought
| software from them directly;  I doubt the Metro-X server bundled with Redhat
| would qualify.

I'm trying to keep up to date with (at least my owm RageII+DVD)
ATIcards and Linux, and I have the same problem as you guys. Check:


If some of you gives the AcceleratedX-server a try, please notify me
of the results, as I see this as the only solution (short of the
Xfree86-guys finding out what's causing the problem).

Don't fiddle with your glibc


1. ATI CT Mach64 & Vivitron 15 from Gateway...


I recently bought this Gateway 2000 P5-133 with a ATI CT Mach 64 w/2
mb dram.  I couldn't make configure it for X (actually I couldn't make
the 6x cdrom work either, but that is not as important).

I tried the latest version of XFree386 which supposed to support ATI
CT, but it still doesn't work.  Mach64 server complained that no
configured device was found.  When I tried SVGA server, I got a very
low resolution display.  If I try to change virtual resolution to
1024x768, I would get a not enough memory error.  The only thing that
works is VGA16 server with virtual resolution of 800x600.  At this
resolution, Netscape won't run.  Any help would be greatly
appreciated!  Help!

Here is all the info I can get:

ATI Mach 64.  Accelerated linear frame buffer incorporates many
performance functions for accelerating graphics including bitBLT,
polygon fill, line draw, hardware cursor and more.

1280x1024, up to 75Hz, up to 256 colors;
1024x768, up to 100Hz, up to 65K colors;
800x600, up to 100Hz refresh, up to 16.7 million colors;
640x480, up to 100Hz refresh, up to 16.7 million colors.

Seperate H and V V at TTL levels;
32-bit Intel PCI Local Bus;
Video memory address: A0000-BFFFF plus an aperture that is enabled
when the system is booted.
Video BIOS address: C0000-C7FFF
Video port addresses:   Two settings:
        JU7 enabled (BIOS relocatable); the port address is
                relocatable by the system;
        JU7 Disabled (BIOS unrelocatable); 102, ICE, ICF, 2EC-2EF,
                3?4, 3?5, 3?8-3?B, 3CO-3CA, 3CC, 3CE-3CF, 3DC, and all
                aliases; 46E8 (?=B for monochrome, ?=D for color


Vivitron 15 CPD-15F23

CRT             15-inch diagonal
Resolution      1280 dots max horizonatal; 1024 lines max vertical
display colors  unlimited
Scan frequency  Horizontal, 31.5 to 64 KHz; Vertical, 50 Hz to 120 Hz
Display area    285 mm (W) x 213 mm (H) typical
Standard picture size   Approx. 270x202 mm(w/h)


Automation Librarian                  Honolulu, HI 96816
Kapiolani Community College           Phone: (808) 734-9254
University of Hawaii                  Fax:   (808) 734-9453
World Wide Web (URL): http://www2.hawaii.edu/~bzhang/

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