Netscape 3.0 cause segmentation fault with XF86_VGA16

Netscape 3.0 cause segmentation fault with XF86_VGA16

Post by Anthony Ch » Thu, 10 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Segmentation fault is caused when Netscape 3.0 is run on linux (kernel 2.0)
with XF86_VGA16 server. And some color map error messages were also seen.
But it looks fine if I run XF86_SVGA instead.

Does anyone has the similar problem ??




1. RH 4.2- Netscape Gold 3.0 Segmentation Fault

Hi all,

I just installed Netscape Gold 3.01 on my system.  When I did the
initial startup in an Xterm session, I got a segmentation fault, core
dumped message.

Has anyone else seen this problem?  I'm running a Micron P133 with a
Diamond Stealth 2001 Video card and using MetroX.

Also, how many files are supposed to be included in Netscape.  I got
mine from Netscape and there are 2 text files and a "netscape"
executable-- nothing else.  Some stuff I got from a web site said that
there are supposed to be more files in the distribution.

Dennis Soper

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