Viper SE (VLB) problems running X

Viper SE (VLB) problems running X

Post by Bent Brunsgaard Anderse » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I'm having BIG problems with my Diamond Viper SE (VLB) graphics board. It
seems like I can't get anything but 320x200 running on the SVGA X-server.
Whenever I try configuring and running the system with SuSe's XFCom_P9x00
server my Linux system hits the floor (locks up - completely).

Is this due to me running Red Hat 5.1 (kernel ver. ?), a old graphics board
rev., VLB bus or just simply old fashion stupididty (from my side)?

Please - any help will be deeply appreciated! (I've just used to much time

My hardware:
ASUS 486 board
AMD 486-133 proc.
ADI 4GP monitor

Bent B. Andersen


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I saw some mention of other Diamong video cards being supported. I was
wondering if XFree86 supports the Diamong Viper SE VLB. I know that
Metro-X by Redhat does not even though their web site says it does.

Chris McGee


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