RH Metrox Not fully functional?

RH Metrox Not fully functional?

Post by H.St.Joh » Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Since switching to the Metrox  X server on Rh 3.03,1.2.13;
and  RH 4.1,2.0.28 ; (I run both on different
disks/partitions)  I have noticed that
not all my usual x programs work anymore. Specifically,
xgrab behaves normally (ie no indication of any error) but does not
produce any
output (neither to disk nor to the printer) . The xfig program is
probably also
affected (but Im not so sure about that one).
More seriously IDL (Interactive Data Language) refuses to
start up whenever Metrox is the installed X server.  Im now getting
quite nervous to find what wont work next. I have used both the Metrox
3.1-5 and 3.1-2 versions with the same result.
   IDL gave me a hint
that not all was well with the X server so I switched to The Xfree86
server temporarily . Sure enough both xgrab and IDL work properly
under Xfree86. (Xfig works also but Im using an older version so
the comparison may be bogus)

  So, can other people confirm similar problems? It appears simple
resource settings (or the lack of them ) is the root cause. If enough
people have the problem Metrox may(?) do something about it. If
Im missing a patch or some critical point and somebody can enlighten
me I would appreciate it.

  I want to continue using Metrox if possible because I dont have
to go through the custom monitor *that Xfree86 forces me into.
(The xfree86 distribution is not very enlightened when it comes to
modern monitors with screen sizes/resolutions beyond what people could
afford in 1985)

(I know,first we complain about not supporting the
video cards,now we (or I anyway) complain about not making it easy
enough to install a monitor. The Xfree86 people just get beat to death.)

I love those cute comics people use at the end of their mail
messages but havent come up with one myself. Perhaps someone can
loan me one ?


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