OnBoard Vga

OnBoard Vga

Post by Edward Hil » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I was lent a motherboard by my boss when mine went
to motherboard heaven, it has onboard sound and graphics card
which was great when I put the machine together, there wasn't
the usual fight will all the wires and card shuffling,
of course that was the pleasure this is the pain:
X reckons it's just a vga card, and I can't
for the life of me get it to think it's anything else
svgalib told me or rather detected a Trident chip
so I have gone with this on the xf86setup card seletion
no 142 if I remember correctly.
I would turn the chip off and plug my Diamond Stealth 3d 2000
which worked perfectly before, but disabling the on-board vga
results in a large number of warning beeps when turning the
machine on and nothing coming out of the diamond.
Has anybody else had difficulty or better success with
an onboard graphics card?

Ed Hill


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During installation of RedHat 5.0 I am prompted to select a video card
which is not listed. I am using a TXPRO II motherboard with onboard
VGA which utilizes 4MB of system RAM. When I use SuperProbe it detects
a SiS chipset but with 0 RAM. I am forced to select a Generic VGA
videocard which is less than satisfactory. I also have a similar
problem with the onboard sound.
Is there any patches available? Where do I look?

Any assistance would be gratefully recieved!


Gary Mostyn, Scotland U.K

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