Gateway 2000 Solo Multimedia Laptop

Gateway 2000 Solo Multimedia Laptop

Post by Brian K. Mos » Mon, 27 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Just installed Linux Pro 4.0 from WGS. When I run X it does not fill
the entire screen.  I suspect that something needs to be "fixed" in the
XF86Config file, but am unsure since I am newcomer to Linux.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Brian Moss
Amdahl Corp.
Dallas, Tx.


1. Gateway 2000 Solo S5-120XL laptop & Linux

I'm about to spring for a laptop on which to run both Linux and Windows
NT.  Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't opt for a Gateway 2000 Solo
S5-120XL (120MHz Pentium, 24MB RAM, 1.2GB disk, 4x CD-ROM)?  I've checked
the Linux laptop pages, but haven't found specific references to Gateway's
offerings.  I've seen lots of favorable opinions about Dell's laptops as
Linux platforms.  Are there reasons to opt for Dell over Gateway?  Also,
is there any reason to opt for a Linux distribution other than Red Hat
3.0.3?  Forgive my ignorance; I'm relatively new to the Linux world.  Any
and all advice is appreciated.


Eric Davies

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