Bye, Bye Mouse Pointer!

Bye, Bye Mouse Pointer!

Post by Myron Uecke » Sat, 29 Aug 1998 04:00:00

    A few minutes ago, I ran XConfigurator to set up my monitor, now I
don't have a mouse pointer!  The mouse works fine, I just don't know
where it is.  Can somebody tell me how to get it back?

     Earlier I had my monitor set up as a Viewsonic 5e, however, I could
tell that the refresh rate was wrong.  Under that config I had a mouse
pointer.  I didn't lose it until I switched to the NEC monitor, which is
the correct refresh rate.  At lower resolutions, such as 800x600, I have
a mouse, its just at 1024x768, I lose the mouse.

  My mouse is a Logitech Trackman II connected to the PS/2 port.  I have
it set up as a PS/2 mouse.  For my monitor, I have it set up as a NEC
3DFx although its really a Viewsonic 5.  I'm running Red Hat 5.1.  Thank



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So if you are a subscriber like me, please join me in telling them why  
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