XFree86 Question... again!

XFree86 Question... again!

Post by Patrick Dan » Sun, 30 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Long story short... upgrading Corel Linux Xserver to 3.3.6 for ATI rage
128 support.

I put a regular card in the machine so i can do an upgrade.  I do just
as the xfree86 help pages say, but when i type X -showconfig (X linked
to the Mach64 server) it shows version 3.3.5, though when i do an
XF86Setup, the Rage card is available in the card menu..

Anyway, I put the rage card in, it hangs on XF86Setup, so i do
xf86config, that doesn't work either (hangs when it starts X)

I got the upgrade files from both the xfree86 ftp and kernel.org ftp
sites. tried both sets out with the same problem. Does anyone know
what's wrong?

Lastly, I have been having problems with this for about a week now, and
have been posting regularly for that time,  i'd like to thank all those
who've helped me along in the process.



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