How run xwindows over 3d video cards.

How run xwindows over 3d video cards.

Post by JIR » Sun, 24 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have a 2d\3d video card with 16 mb Raven Quatum3d , how i can run my
xwindows with this card, i have to upgrade my kernel ?, i have 2.0.36
Kernel with redhat linux 5.2 , please any tell  me how i configure or do
to run Xwindows over 3d card.


1. 3D Stealth 2000 card running Xwindows

I have a Diamon Stealth 3D 2000 card with 2 MB RAM. Recently, I
installed RedHat 5.0 on my machine and was able to run Xwindows fine
with the card. Just the other day though, I had to reinstall RedHat.
However, now every time I start Xwindows it freezes my machine leaving
my monitor black. I don't understand what could be wrong, since there
has been no changes in configuration, software nor hardware since the
reinstallation. I have always been using Xconfigurator to configure
Xwindows and it detects my S3 card. My monitor is an AOC 17GLR but it
freezes other monitors I've attached to my machine, turning it black. I
suspect that the problem is stemming from my graphics board, however
everything is running fine under Win95. Does anyone have any suggestions
or comments? If someone is running Xwindows with the same Diamond 3D
2000 card, I'd greatly appreciate a copy of your XF86Config file.

Kai-Min Sung

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