Screencam-like program in Unix

Screencam-like program in Unix

Post by John Schuet » Sun, 18 Mar 2001 01:51:06

Is there a program in Linux that can record, as some sort of movie file,
what's happening on a screen in a fashion similar to Lotus Screencam?

Thanks for any help!

John Schuetz


1. ScreenCam help with UNIX/Solaris

Hello Everyone:

For the past week at work, I have been searching for a software product in
the Unix/Solaris environment that compares to Lotus ScreenCam for M.S.
Windows.  In a nutshell, ScreenCam allows us to record screen images,
keyboard inputs, and mouse movements within our beta version software.  The
"mini-movie" then is saved as an executable file, and can be sent to a
client for viewing.  The nice thing about ScreenCam, is the only file that
has to be transported, is the executable file, so no copies of the beta
version or viewing software are necessary.  I have called numerous software
companies, and the closest thing that I have found is $5000-$7000 testing
software that still requires that the recorded software version be also
present.  By the way, ScreenCam retails at around $50.  The system that we
will be using the software on is a Sun workstation with Solaris 2.3 and
Open Windows software.  Idealy, I would like to find something rather
inexpensive, but have a max. budget of around $600.  If anyone has any
ideas please e-mail me, or feel free to post.  I would greatly appreciate

Thanks in advance,

Kevin J. Pura

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