Paradise Bahamas 64, anybody using it successfully ?

Paradise Bahamas 64, anybody using it successfully ?

Post by Christian Huwae » Sat, 30 Dec 1995 04:00:00


If you're using a Paradise BAHAMAS 64 with X, please help me setting
up mine ! I'd really like to use it in 800x600 !




Brussels, Belgium, Europe.


1. Is a Paradise Bahamas 64 video card worth it?

I am considering buying a Paradise Bahamas 64 VL-Bus Graphics Accelerator Card
with 2 MB of Ram from Surplus Direct for $69. I would like anybody's opinion as
to whether this is a good card or not.  It seems pretty good but I want to also
know if anybody has had any problems with it or not. Accelerated X does support
it so I am okay in that department. Thanks in advance for any help you can
supply. Also if you have one please tell me about it and how substantial a
speed improvement it has given you. Ciao


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