Need help changing video servers without xf86config

Need help changing video servers without xf86config

Post by William Bego » Sat, 04 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I need to change my video server over to SVGA or the other thing.  
But I am to scared I'll*something up if I use xf86config.  
Please help me by telling me what I need to change in XF86Config!

-William Begole


1. Need help setting up video car in XF86Config

I am just setting up LINUX on my PC and know only a very little
about UNIX in general.  I hate to ask this but I need some help
setting up the video card section in XF86Config.  If anyone has
setup the same video card I have and would be willing to share the
setup I would be VERY greatful.

Monitor: ViewSonic 5+
Card: ATI Wonder XL
RAM: 1 meg
Chipset: 28800-5


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