blank desktop w/ red hat after install

blank desktop w/ red hat after install

Post by -|Turbo$yde| » Tue, 04 Dec 2001 03:38:48

Newbie that just installed red hat 7.2 for first time.  When I log on as
"root"  I get a blank desktop.  Sometimes the panel loads and sometimes it

manager, i guess) and I get a "Segmentation Fault", whatever that is.  How
can I get Nautilus to start properly. Any help would be appreciated.

A7V133 MoBo
AMD 1.1 Ghz
ATI VIVO 64mb Video card
Yamaha DS-XG Sound card
2 hard drives
GRUB boot loader on 2nd hd boot sector



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Here's my problem:
Various pieces of Red Hat keep saying that I am missing a file and
that it needs to be installed with a certain package (namely most of
the Kontrol Panel).  But I have been unsuccessful at finding where
this is done.  I am still a newbie with Linux, but I would assume that
there should be an "Add/Remove Programs" equivalent with Linux.

Please help!

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