XF2.1.1 to XF3.1: experience wanted

XF2.1.1 to XF3.1: experience wanted

Post by Yan Xi » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 01:20:01

Could anyone share some of the experience
updating XF2.1.1 to XF3.1?  Any "catches",
"be-awares", or regrets?

My motives for upgrading are to get
better video card support, hopefully
to get higher dot-clock! (PCI Mach32+2MB)


1. how to use XF3.1 server with XF2.1.1

hi all,

this has been mentioned before (a while ago), but i would like to ask it again.
i am using xf86 2.1.1 that was installed with slackware.  i am interested in
using the 24bpp server as opposed to the 256 color server that comes with
2.1.1.  can i just pop the server in there and, of course, create a XF86Config
as opposed to Xconfig.  will this work?  i don't want to get the whole XF86 3.1
because all of my apps are compiled for 2.1.1.  all i have is a 14.4 modem, and
the infomagic cd.  are these all i need?  i have a stb vl-24 (s3805) card with
the att_2c490_1 option set.

keith grider
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