USB/PS2/Serial mouses? Mouse performance?

USB/PS2/Serial mouses? Mouse performance?

Post by Maarten Afma » Fri, 24 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I don't like my serial mouse under X. It seems to have a very low
sample frequency that results in poor performance of sliding and
scrolling windows. The worst part of it is of course the aiming and
turning in Quake! The aiming is performed at a much lower display
frequency than my CPU actually provides. For example if my mouse
samples at 20 positions per second, the 40 fps quake.x11 calculates
are a 50% waste of CPU cycles.

I think the serial port is to blame. Although it is configured for a
maximum speed of 115 kbit/s XFree uses the thing at a much lower
bitrate. I tried to specify the higher ones (9600 bits/second!), but
my mouse will bluntly refuse service then. Overclocked? ;-)  

My question is: what should I do about this? Should I go find a PS/2
Mouse, or does a USB mouse work well?

If you compare the iMac and Windows systems at a computer shop, you
can see that the USB mouse used works a lot smoother than the ordinary
serial mouses used in the Windows systems. My present mouse is a
Logitech Pilot Mouse (serial version).

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