Netscape 4.07 Colormap Problem

Netscape 4.07 Colormap Problem

Post by Donovan A Richi » Thu, 25 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I'm running Netscape Communicator 4.07 under RedHat Linux 5.2.
Everytime I start NS with the "netscape" command, I get errors about NS
not being able to allocate colormap entries for various colors.
Netscape and the web look like crap.  The only suggestions offered by
NS's knowledge base are:

1.  run "netscape -install"  This makes everything about Netscape look
pretty, but when NS windows are defocused, the color flashes are

2.  run "netscape -ncols N"  where N is the maximum number of colors NS
should use.  This just doesn't seem to do anything.

3. Do something with an X resource setting having to do with
ImageColors.  I don't know what this thrid suggestion means (I'm a
newbie.)  X Resource settings?  Ha!  I'm lucky that I figured out how to
mount the CD-ROM drive to install Netscape in the first place...

I would appreciate any information that might help me make things look
pretty when I use Netscape.  :)



1. RH5.2: Netscape 4.07 Error: Perhaps problem with Nameserver?

Netscape Communicator that came with RH5.1 was working fine for internet browsing.  After upgrading to RH 5.2 (with upgrade Netscape Communicator 4.07) I can not browse internet any more.  I know that connection to ISP (MSN) via PPP is successful (from RH 5.1 experience).  Then, when I start Netscape I am getting the following error message (two dialogs):

Netscape: Error
    Warning: the following hosts are unknown:
    This means that some or all hosts will be unreachable.

    Perhaps there is a problem with your name server?
    If your site must use a non-root name server, you will
    need to set the $SOCKS_NS environment variable to
    point at the appropriate name server.  It may (or
    may not) be necessary to set this variable, or the
    SOCKS host preference, to the IP address of the host
    in question rather than its name.
Netscape: Error <2>
    Netscape is unable to locate the server
    The server does not have a DNS entry.

While upgrading I accepted the default suggested services.  What could go wrong?  I first erased new version of Netscape 4.07 and re-installed older version of Netscape that came with RH5.1.  Still, I got the same error message!  I don't have a computer network at home to have a name server;  my home computer only has a modem that I use to connect to internet.  The services I am running have (the same as I had in RH5.1 installation):
    kerneld, network, nfsfs, random, syslog, atd, crond, portmap, snmpd, pcmcia, inet, named, lpd, nfs, dhcpd, amd, keytable, sendmail, gpm, httpd, pnserver, postgresql, sound, smb, innd, rc.local, reboot, halt (activated under various runlevels.)
What's going wrong here?  Somebody with similar problem and what's the solution?  I have no experience with Nameserver or DNS.  But I can try!



Bhola N. De

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