Mouse bindings

Mouse bindings

Post by Johannes Martine » Sat, 14 Dec 1996 04:00:00

How can i remap the functions of one mouse button to all of another
button?  I have a glidepoint and really hate pressing the buttons,
tapping however is wonderful.  I can get the tap to work for anything
concerning the outside of the window but nothing on the inside such as

johannes martinez


1. fvwm mouse bindings

Does anyone know of a way to bind a key combination to a mouse click?
(E.g. I would like to have Shift-F1, Shift-F2, Shift-F3 correspond to
mouse buttons 1,2,3 respectively.)  This would reduce reliance on the
mouse, especially useful if it breaks, like mine did last week.  I never
realized how dependent I am upon it.  
        Also, does anyone have an idea how to configure Alt-Tab (or another
combo) to switch window focus.  I use the key binding "Next  Focus"; and
it works alright, but it includes the Fvwm windows (like Buttons and
WinList).  I tried CirculateUp/CirculateDown, and FlipFocus. I can't get
any of them to work however.  I also can't get any of the optional
conditions (e.g. CurrentPage) to work with Next.  If anyone has a
working setup, please e-mail it to me with or without comments... I'm
willing to pick through it.    
                                                    Broc Stirton


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