XFree86 and SiS 86c205 ??

XFree86 and SiS 86c205 ??

Post by Lefebvr » Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:00:00


My problem with my SiS 86c205 is not yet solved !
Remember, I would like to run XFree86 with an AST computer and this
video card. The only resolution I get is "320x200". I dont't understand
how the BIOS under MS-DOS can run any vga-card in 800x600 but not
the XFree86 vga driver ?

If somebody can respond to me !


Philippe Lefebvre
IUT de Caen


1. XFree86 and SiS 86c205??


I have an AST computer (pentium 100) and I can't run
the X server. More exactly, it runs in 320x200.
My video card is an SiS 86c205, and my monitor probably
a generic super vga 1024x768. My os is linux RedHat 4.0
and the XFree distribution is the 3.2 one.

Has anyone else install this video card ?

Which X server can I run instead of XFree86 ?

Thanks in advance.

Philippe Lefebvre
IUT de Caen

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