problems with starting X window on RH 6.1,description of error

problems with starting X window on RH 6.1,description of error

Post by Zeljko Ples » Sat, 29 Dec 2001 03:32:12

after installing RH 6.1 I can't run X Window.When I write startx i get

 execve failed for /etc/X11/X (errno 2)
 X11TransSockedUNIX Connect: Can't connect: errno = 111 giving up
xinit: Connection refused (errno 111) : unable to connect to x server
xinit : No such process (errno3):server error

please answer on simple way because I am a starter with Linux


1. Starting X-Windows via Background Process - RH 6.1

In the past, we have run a program as a particular user (aptly named user)
that starts up the X-Windows interface and our own application (with
corresponding login box.)  This allows the user to get into the system
without his own Unix login ID, and keeps the box secure.

We just upgraded from RedHat 5.2 to RedHat 6.1, and am receiving a "You
don't have access to the console" message in a log.  Basically, in inittab,
we run a script that su - user ....  to become the user, user, with all the
normal setups.  This script runs a program (SystemMonitor) that reads out of
a database the programs that need to be run.  In this list is the script
/usr2/user/betacell for starting X-Windows.  (The script makes sure any
previous instances of X-Windows are dead, and then runs startx.)
SystemMonitor then starts our user interface.

With the upgrade to 6.1, without access to the console, I am not certain
what to do.  I can log into a virtual terminal as user and run betacell
without a problem, but I don't want our users to need to login to Unix.  I
have tried adding user user to the console group in /etc/group, but that
hasn't helped.  I have also tried adding SystemMonitor, betacell and startx
to /etc/security/console.apps, but it hasn't had any effect.  I could start
XDM and make the user login via X-Windows, or have both the XDM and our
interface on the screen, but I don't want that, either!  What else can I
possibly do?

Private e-mail prefered and I will post a response to the group with a
working answer, assuming I get one.

Terry Steyaert

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