frame buffer

frame buffer

Post by Neal Prober » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Does anybody have any HOWTO information on using the frame buffer?
I would like to do startup and shutdown graphics screens.



1. Frame Buffering and Red Hat 7.0

I was installing Red Hat 7.0 this weekend and noticed something bad
about the installer. The Xconfigurator doesn't probe my card anymore
like v6.1 -&- 6.2. HA! I even used XF86Setup and it crapped out... just
a grey screen with the X for the mouse.

Which led me back to Frame Buffering....

From what I know about frame buffering, it allows the OS to access the
video card without having to use drivers.

WHICH MEANS: Any monitor or video card can be used and you get great
output. Switch monitors??? Doesn't matter...

QUESTION: Has anybody manually used frame buffering on their system and
can describe how they did it or point me to a great web site on how to
do it??

I have already checked out the HOW-TO but was unfortunate that it was
so dry that it changed the humidity in my house.

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