Term 2.3.5 & X questions

Term 2.3.5 & X questions

Post by Vince Hamric » Tue, 04 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have gotten Term up and working great, so now I'm trying to
optimize.  Here's a couple of questions:

Does X11R6 automatically use the special compressed X mentioned in
the Term docs?  Or do you have to initiate it yourself?

I can't get txconn to work.  'Can't open DISPLAY error'.  This doesn't
hinder me because I have X working fine with tredir.  But I was
wondering, which method would make X faster, txconn or tredir?

Thanks in advance for any info.

-Vince Hamrick


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1) Is there an ftp site that would have documents describing csh & term?
I find the man pages a little cryptic.

2)How can I set the tab stop for cat, more, exectra...
Can I do this from a dot file
  - such as I can for vi--> setenv EXINIT 'set tabstop=4'
I have been doing (but I don't want to convert tabs to spaces):
  expand -4 filename

Please email me.

thanks in advance,

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