Mach32 and X --> Total lockup

Mach32 and X --> Total lockup

Post by Ryan Alle » Sun, 10 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Symptom:   TOTAL LOCKUP OF SYSTEM,  blank screen........

I ran xf86config  and everything was set perfectly,  X -probeonly even
returned all my card information.

Then I moved /etc/XF86Config (where that file was saved) to
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11 .

Next I do a 'startx' and lockup.  I can only cycle
power.  I cannot change resolution, or shift+backspace to exit X windows.  

I'm driving Slackware 3.1 off InfoMagic Sept 1996 CD rom with a 2.0.12

Okay, so what is wrong here.  What do I need to hack to get this guy
working?  I remember a setting of mach 64 cards a while back regarding
'membase'  in the config file, but this is a Mach 32 card.........


-- Ryan Allen



1. Mach32 and X --> TOTAL LOCKUP

I have a 'startx > /tmp/X.out 2>&1' results here.  It appears that my
system hangs when startx
gets to this line:

(--) Mach32: Aperture mapped to 0x7c00000 + 0x0

This is the last line in 'startx > /tmp/X.out 2>&1'.  After this I get
TOTAL LOCKUP!  No ctrl+alt+ +  or ctrl+alt+Backspace  no VTs no HDD lights,
 I the only thing I can do is a ctrl+alt+del a few times to get my system
to reset.

The Standard SVGA works, but puts ugly lines all over my screen and when I
cltrl+alt+bkspace, all text gets mapped to some weird un readable garbage.
I must then re-boot.

What should the Aperture be mapped to???????????

First correct answer gets FREE BEER!!!!!!
Ryan Allen

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