Download locations

Download locations

Post by Grim Reape » Mon, 27 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I just got zipslack and I want to download and install X-Windows.  Where are
the best places to get it?
I know about
but I cant access the site.
Thanks very much.
Peter Roberts

1. overruling pkgsrc download locations


Is there any way to override the default fallback location for pkgsrc sources?
My NetBSD machine often tries downloading things from as a
last resort, but, being connected via IPv6, tries to do so over IPv6. However,
I haven't been able to reach (ftp|www) over ipv6 for quite a
while now; the traceroute seems to end up in an endless loop.

Eventually things will timeout, and eventually things will be retrieved
via IPv4. Can I skip the IPv6 part of this process, without doing creepy
things like putting in my own nameserver?


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