Realtek RT-3105

Realtek RT-3105

Post by Jonathan Fesmi » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00


I have a Realtek RT-3105 video card, which can handle SVGA, but I
don't know enough about its settings to configure it for SVGA under
X-WIndows.  I'm running Slakware 3.0.

If anyone knows the basic technical information about this card that I
need, (ie. RAMDAC spped, Clockline speeds, etc.) please e-mail me!  I
checked Realtek's web site and could not find this information.


Jonathan Fesmire


1. Realtek RT-3106 Supported?

Hi! I'm trying to get XFree86 to work in 256 color SVGA mode with my
Realtek RT-3106 graphics card. The list of supported cards says this
one is among those supported but everything I've tried so far in XF86Config
has produced unusable results. Is there someone else out there with this
card who has had some success and would be so kind as to share your
XF96Config settings with me or point me in the right direction for the
information I need. Thanks!

James Young

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