Gnome applet problems

Gnome applet problems

Post by Jeff Peterso » Fri, 07 May 1999 04:00:00

I just installed Gnome and think it looks & feel pretty nice.

My problem is with the Modem light and ppp dialer applets.  It appears that
their properties are reversed.  When I right click and look at the
properties for the modem lights, it shows connect and disconnect commands
as if it was for the dialer.  When I click on the dialer applet, I can't
find any config for the ppp-on & off scripts.

Jeff Peterson

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1. GNOME applet problem

Hi all, I'm using RH 6 with GNOME/Enlightenment.

When I got the GnomeICU program (ICQ client), I found that I couldn't
add it to my panel.  I'd go on add applet, networking, GnomeICU, and
nothing happens.  If there is a launcher right next to my main menu, the
space between them would increase a bit (everything would get moved to
the right), but the applet wouldn't show up.  I could start the applet
by typing "gnomeicu" in a terminal window, however.  So I temporarily
just put in a launcher button for gnomeicu onto my panel

This was because I assumed that there was an error in the GnomeICU
problem rather than in GNOME.

However, the same thing happened when I downloaded the xmms applet for
GNOME.  Basically that means that any applets that didn't come with
GNOME don't work on it.  I looked through my panel.d directory and found
that some of the entries are identical (for example Applet_9_Extern and
Applet_10_Extern both have the exact same CD-ROM mount entry).  I don't
know how to define the ICU and xmms entries by hand, however.

Does anyone know how to fix this?



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