(fwd) Re: VRML browser for XFree86?

(fwd) Re: VRML browser for XFree86?

Post by Archange » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

> >: Get Web Space v1.0 from Silicon Graphics.  It takes advantage of both
> >Isn't this just for SGI's? Will this work on a Linux/Xfree 3.1.2 system?

> Would I steer you wrong?!?

> Gp to Silicon Surf web page.  Follow links to Web Space.  There is a link
> to 'other supported platforms', which include AIX, Solaris (both flavors),
> Linux, and a few more.

I still can't find a LINUX/X version? do you have the exact URL: for it?

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1. VRML browser for XFree86?

Anyone know anything about a VRML browser for XFree86?  I've seen several
available for various flavors of Windows, but would rather not have to reboot
into Dos/Win3.1 to use them... Thanks in advance,

        John Harding

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