Sony monitor/Diamond Stealth64

Sony monitor/Diamond Stealth64

Post by Ken » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I am having a problem that hopefully someone can help me with.  I have a Sony
Multiscan 15sfII and a Diamond Stealth64 DRAM 2001 with 2MB.  I installed XFree86
3.1.2E last night and still get slight waviness.  The config for beta E had my
exact video card, and for the monitor refresh rates I entered them manually from my
manual: horiz. 31-65 and vert. 50-120.  Everything seems like it should be perfect,
yet I still get the waviness, sort of like a reflection on a pool.  Any clues?

Please email directly.  Thanks!


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1. Viewsonic 17E Monitor + Diamond Stealth64 (VLB 4Meg)

I would greatly appreciate if
some body would send me the XF86Config file
for Diamond Stealth 64 (VLB, 4Meg) and Viewsonic
17E monitor. I tried tweeking the file for hours
but the screen always shows two images (vertivally).
The second image is very dim though.

I used s3 server with XFree86 3.1



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