Monitor problem

Monitor problem

Post by Michael Casinghin » Sun, 21 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to configure XFree86 v3.2, and am having problems with the
monitor settings (of course). The problem is that when I switch to a
high res mode (800x600), lines appear horizontally when the screen is
being drawn. For example, in fvwm when I move the mousey, the virtual
desktop icon in the upper left shoots little lines to its right which
are about the same length as the width of the icon. The lines flicker
and disappear when there's no action on the screen. This also happens
when I hit the left button and the menu box appears. This does not
happen when I use this resolution in Windows 3.1 (pardon my french), so
I believe it's because of my settings.

    .            .-------------> (flicker, flicker)
    . fvwm virt. .
    .  desktop   .----------> (flicker, flicker)
    .    icon    .
    .            .------------> (flicker, flicker)

Here are the basic stats:

Monitor: Packard Hell 8549SVGL
Resolution:             1024x768 (interlaced)
                        800x600 (non-interlaced)
                        640x480 (non-interlaced)
Horizontal freq:        31.5/35.2/35.5/48 kHz
Vertical freq:          50-90 Hz
Emission standard:      VLMF    (I don't know what this means)
Bandwidth               ????

Video Card: Headland Technologies HT216-32 w/ Video7 chip
Dot clocks: 25.175 28.332 30 32.514 34 36 38 40 (as per the
README.Video7 file)

current modelines:
Modeline  "640x480" 25.18  640 664 760 800  480 491 493 525 # this works
Modeline  "800x600" 38   800 864 1008 1080  600 603 610 630 # having
some problems

according to my calculations:
horiz sync pulse:     3.79 usec
vert. ticks:          28.42 usec  
vert sync pulse:      28.42 usec * 7 ticks = 199 usec
refresh rate:         52.9 Hz

My options for these settings are severely limited because it's a
multiple fixed freq monitor, not a multisync monitor (is this correct?)
Does anybody know what could cause this problem? Any help would be
greatly apprectiated



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