Help w/ Trident 9660, XFree86 3.2

1. XFree86 3.2 with Trident 9660


        Hope you can help me out. I'm new to Linux and have just installed
version 3.2 of XF86 on the RedHat Linux.

        I have a Trident 9660 with 1Mb mem.

        When I use RedHat's XInstallation, everything seems fine, but when I
start X, I get a black & white wavy background pattern, the cursor show
up correctly and moves around ok, the resolution seems ok, but nothing
happens. I get nothing but this empty (except from the background and

        This problem occured with the X version (3.1.?) that came with the
package and with the newer 3.2 version that supposedly support the
Trident 9660.

        Please help, I've been at it for over a week!

        Thank you,


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