tkdesk file browser/editor font?

tkdesk file browser/editor font?

Post by John Stran » Mon, 19 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Running linux 2.0.30 Slackware 3.3

I am trying to change fonts uner options in the default editor,
but there is only one font selection available.

What do I set where, to get more font selections?

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1. Need an icon font editor that handles multiple fonts per file

is there a "unix" font editor that can handle multiple icons within
a single file?  i am coming from an apollo environment using the 'edfont'
utility.  this utility could store dozens of icons within a single file,
writing the output in either apollo-specific format or in bdf format.

my problem is that i now work on a sun sparc10 and i would like a way to
edit my old .bdf icon files without having to go and do the work on my
apollo machine.  is there such a utility out in net-land somewhere?

thanks in advance,

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