utmp entry with rxvt?

utmp entry with rxvt?

Post by Marc Abramowit » Thu, 17 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> I set rxvt setuid root: -rwsr-sr-x  and started the beast with +ut but I
> did not get an entry, any further tips?

Check feature.h in the src/ directory.  Mine has:

#  define UTMP_FILENAME "/var/adm/utmp"
# endif
#  define TTYTAB_FILENAME "/etc/ttys"
# endif

and make sure that rxvt is owned by root user and root group.  i.e.:

This is what I did after compiling and copying to /usr/local/bin:

chown root.root rxvt
chmod a+s rxvt


-- Marc


1. rxvt 2.16/2.18b2 no utmp?

Hi.  I'm having a problem with "w" "who" and rxvt.  If I fire up xterm as a
login shell, the login shows up in w who and finger.  However, if I run rxvt
as a login shell, it doesn't report the login with w who and finger.

  Now, i've gotten and compiled rxvt-2.16 and 2.18b2.  I have made sure that
I set USE_UTMP in the compile options.  I have chowned it root.bin and
chmoded it u+s.  However, it still doesn't work.
  I also tried chowning it root.root.  That didn't work either.

  v2.16 makes you pick SYSV style utmp or BSD style utmp.  I've tried it
both ways.  

  Also, looking at the strace output it seems like it's opening and writting
to utmp, but it's not showing up.  

 I'm using kernel 2.0.3, libc 5.0.9. Gcc 2.7.0.

HELP!  Thanks.


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    Department of Speech Communication, Syracuse University

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