NEOMAGIC.....a big white block `cursor'

NEOMAGIC.....a big white block `cursor'

Post by ?u¤Y|?-|, M » Sat, 26 May 2001 02:37:23

I am new to Linux. I just installed Mandrake 8 to my notebook computer PIII
500, 192M RAM, 6GB harddisk, Neomagic video and audio chips. However, the
big problem now is that the cursor of mouse pointer changed into a large
white block instead of an arrow or an hourglass.

I edited the XF86config file to uncomment the line:

option `sw_cursor'

finally no miracle occured.

Please help me to solve the problem. Thanks.



1. Cursor is a big white block; cannot see any text in any window

    No matter what application I run, no text is displayed.  The only way I
can get text to appear is by moving a window on top of another window, then
removing the top window; then the text in the window underneath appears.
(Even if I get the text to appear in an x-term, nothing new I type is
visible.)  This happens with all applications.  I also tried different
window managers: twm and kwm; xrefresh; and turning off the acceleration on
my graphics card.
    The other problem I have is that I cannot change my cursor shape from a
big white square.  I can change the cursor color with xsetroot, but not the
shape.  I did a full installation, so all the files are there.  I tried
xsetroot with various options: -def; -cursor_name left_ptr, -cursor
/usr/include/X11/bitmaps/left_ptr /usr/include/X11/bitmaps/left_ptrmsk.
When X is starting up, it displays the message, "(**)SVGA: Using hardware
cursor."   I don't know if Lizard or XF86Setup would have solved these
problems, but I cannot use either one: Lizard gives me the error, 'Panic:
Oops, no valid root could be found! Lizard aborted? Press <return> to
continue or "sh" for a shell';  XF86Setup won't display correctly with my
SIS6326 card which has problems with the VGA16 server.   Thanks in advance.

My setup is:

400 Mhz Celeron; 64MB Ram; 8x CDRom; 1.44MF FD; 6.4GB HD; 3 Button Mouse; 8
MB AGP SIS6326; 3D SoundPro; 14" 1024x768 (running at 640x480)

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