Text mode doesn't restore properly when exiting X.

Text mode doesn't restore properly when exiting X.

Post by Brian Stephen Faivr » Wed, 06 Jan 1999 04:00:00

    I just bought a laptop with the circus 7548 chipset.  I finally
configured X to work, however when I try to exit to text mode I just get
a blank silver screen?  Any advice, help, answers I'd appreciate!

Thanks in advance,

Brian Faivre


1. XF86 2.0 Mono/Hercules does not restore text mode on exit

I've built XF_Mono server with HGC (Hercules) support and it seems to
work while in graphic (i.e. X11) mode. Unfortunately it does NOT switch
back to text mode when exiting X11 (or switching to virtual console).
The screen remains hopelessly blank. The OS I'm using is Linux, pl.14.

Any ideas?

Michal Szymanski


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