REQ:X-Config for SPEA Mirage P64 PCI

REQ:X-Config for SPEA Mirage P64 PCI

Post by Nils Philipps » Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hello, there,

I wonder if anybody would tell me how to configure my X for my new SPEA
Mirage P64 PCI - I already ran xf86config with the correct settings of my
Monitor (hor. 28-70 kHz , vert. 47-120 Hz) but at reboot (Login-Window) the
screen flickers - then with (CTRL+ALT+"+") and (CTRL+ALT+"-") it works fine

I don't think the SPEA is such an * card nobody runs Linux on it :-),
so please answer.

Thanks in advance





1. SPEA Mirage P64 (PCI)?

I use Linux on a new PCI-machine
equipped with a SPEA Mirage P64
board. I know the X-server (XS3-864)
runs fine with the board as I was
able to start X in the accelerated

I tried to build myself a clock chip
setup-program for the ICS 2595 2e
clock chip, but without success so far.
I had only the info supplied in the
SVGADATA.PMI-file of my OS/2 driver.

So three questions:
1) Has anyone run Linux X11 successfully
   on the SPEA card or another card using
   the same clock chip?
2) Has anyone managed to acquire programming
   info on the chip, but has no time to write
   a driver himself?
3) Has anyone managed to drag exact information
   about the svgadata.pmi-file out of the IBMers?

If You can supply any info on the subject please
mail me an answer or post it!

Thanks a lot...


See ya... BTW: The NCR works fine now...

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