XF86Config for Diamond Speedstar A50?

XF86Config for Diamond Speedstar A50?

Post by Le » Mon, 17 May 1999 04:00:00

Got my linux installed. Trying to set X up, and stuck with no real
data for Diamond Speedstar A50 PCI card. X starts, but rejects pretty
much all the settings and settles on 320x200, which is uhhhhh

One culprit is that proble only came up with one clock setting, but I
can't find any others anywhere, and I'm leery of "playing" lest my
broke-dick old monitor fizzle and die. It's a 14" Link w 30-50KHz H,
500-100KHz V, and 65MHz bw, says max is 1024 x 768 - works perfectly
well w Windoze 95/98.

So, how about it? Anyone got some running config or sources of same?



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Thanks ahead of time

xf86config in S.U.S.E. 5.3 does not have a selection for my monitor and
video driver.  I'm running an view sonic graphic series gs771 and a
diamond speedstar A50 8mb AGP.  Should I edit the file or try and go
through the xf86config program?  I didn't get a complete documentation
on these so what settings should I use for both?

From what I can find the video card uses a 6326AGP chipset from SIS and
a RAMDAC of 200 Mhz.

Thanks again for your help


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