XFree 3.1 vga16 bombs using netscape

XFree 3.1 vga16 bombs using netscape

Post by Martin Andre » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 22:29:32

I am getting occasional crashes of my X server (XF86_VGA16 - XFree 3.1)
when using netscape 1.0 - has anyone else noticed such a problem?  My
kernel is 1.1.54, FWIW.


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1. Netscape and XFree 3.1

I'm using netscape 1.0N from ftp.mcom.com, and XFree86 3.1 that comes with
Slackware 2.1.  It works fine except that whenever I try to paste into the
"Open:" dialog box with the mouse, it dies.  I seem to remember that this
is a known problem and somebody posted a solution for this, but I couldn't
find the article.  Can somebody tell me the solution please?  Thanks.


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