Support for older S3 cards in XFree 4.0.1

Support for older S3 cards in XFree 4.0.1

Post by Gregor Mueck » Tue, 31 Oct 2000 03:33:37


 I just got a very simple question: I got several PCs with older cards
using S3 chipsets and I'd like to upgrade to XFree 4.0.1. But the drivers
are not available yet.

Are the drivers for these cards ported to the new XFree 4.0 architecture?



1. XFree Support for the S3 Trio64 card with Gateway 2000?


    In spite of my insistence for a S3 864 card, Gateway 2000 has
shipped me a S3 Trio64 card alongwith their D4-66 machine :-( So,
right now I am in a quandry and I hope I can draw on the collective
wisdom of you all to figure a way out of this.

    a. Is there a Xserver for the Trio Card? (BTW, what exactly is
        this Trio family? Does it use a different chipset?)

    b. What are my options?

        - Modify an existing server. Which one?
        - Is there is a plan to support it in XFree3.1.1? In which
            case I could wait for it.
        - Return the card and buy a different one (this time one that
            is supported)?

    Any other suggestions/responses will be greatly appreciated.




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