what lines do I have add to my Xsession file to correctly start gnome desktop

what lines do I have add to my Xsession file to correctly start gnome desktop

Post by joe » Sun, 26 Dec 1999 04:00:00


  After I installed the *.deb gnome package then configured it in my
Xsession file using the lines

xterm &
gmc &
window-manager &
exit 0

when I try to start x, nothing happens , it just refreshes the screen then
brings me back to the x window login prompt...I dont know whats wrong.


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I have installed RedHat 6.1. I did not have any trouble in installing.
But When I started startx, GNOME started up. Now I have a peculiar
All the highlited items are invisible. When I click on the GNOME main
I am getting all the items, but each item is not readable. Peculiar is,
as I scroll down,
invisible items are readable, but when it gets high lited, I can not
read. I guess the contrast
colour for high liting an item is not fine. So basically I guess this is
sort of colour
setting for GNOME. How Can I change the default colour combination for
Where are the files? What are the files?

Can any one have clue?
Thanks in advance


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