3D xmas demo for X-windows (HPUX/Linux)

3D xmas demo for X-windows (HPUX/Linux)

Post by Hermann Dunk » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Just in time for Christmas we present a demo of our 3D C++ library: libRaum.
Enjoy the special xmas scene, taking a ride in the train under the xmas tree.
Or play with the split screen mode, dragging the active camera of one window.

libRaum brings interactive object-oriented 3D graphics to 'plain' X machines.
No need for special graphics hardware. It offers a powerful C++ API to deal
with objects in 3D space. All the tedious calculations required to bring a 3D
scene to your screen are encapsulated in the library. Simple objects are easily
composed to more complex ones, which are then handled like normal objects.
Even cameras and lights are handled in the same manner. All objects are
ready to deal with user interactions (click/drag).

As an extension to the C++ API, libRaum has a scene description language,
RAD. This format is close to the real C++ interface and allows rapid
prototyping of scenes. The demo is based upon examples made in the RAD
description language.So you can take a look at the source and see how things
are done with libRaum.

In the demo you can switch between a variety of display styles, ranging from
wireframe to Gouraud Shading. You can run a split screen mode, where you
can look at the scene through different cameras. You can walk though the
scene or simply drag the objects. It's not a game, but it's a lot of fun to play
with it.

Where to get it ? Direct your browser to:


There you can find an HTML doc describing the demo,
and executables for:
    - HP 7xx machiches running HPUX 9.0
    - Linux machines

The product will be available from Soft&Net early in 1996, check

Enjoy the show!


All product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective holders.


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