Help needed. X setup for S3

Help needed. X setup for S3

Post by cheng p » Tue, 25 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I just installed Slackware-3.2-beta.  I get strange colors for everything
when I use 'startx'.  After quiting the X-window, I can see a message:

S3: Cannot read colormap from VGA.  Will restore with default

Could someone kindly tell me how to find and solve the problem?

My XF86Config file is quite similar to the one I used when running
Slackware-3.1.  The path to the rgb.txt is set, and there is a rgb.txt
file in the /etc/X11 subdirectory which is a link to the /var/X11R6/lib
subdirectory.  In fact, the part of the XF86Config file which gives the
path the the rgb.txt file is exactly the same as that used for running
Slackware-3.1.  I have never seen this error message about the colormap
before.  I do not know what I should do to correct the problem.

Thank you very much!